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Vekstar Textile is one of largest and professional group integrating manufacture and trading in the production of varied types of chemical fibers and yarns. It includes nylon (PA 6 & PA 66) yarns and fibers, polyester yarns, polyethylene (HDPE) yarns and polypropylene (PP) yarns.

Our group consists of Jinhu Vekstar Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., Vekstar Textile (Nantong) Factory, Shuyang Vekstar Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd ,Shanghai Vekway Imp & Exp Co., Ltd. and Vekstar Textile (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. . The total investment of our factories is more than fifty million US dollars, our spinning machine and extruded lines is mainly imported from Germany and Japan, the brands including Barmag, TMT and so on. Our plant area is more than 100000 square meters. We are the star company in Jiangsu province. Over twenty years experience in chemical fiber production and development, we have been the expert company for the differential fibers, for example, high tenacity FDY yarns, monofilament yarns, dope dyed yarns, twisted yarns, micro fiber yarns, mother yarns and so on. The quality of our products enjoy great popularity in the domestic and overseas market.

Our main products are as following:

A. Nylon (PA6 and PA66) and polyester (PET) FDY high tenacity yarn. The nylon 66 high tenacity yarn is mainly from 70D to 840D, the tenacity is more than 8.5G/D and more than 9.2G/D which widely used in high quality sewing thread, airbag, safety belt and technical fabrics. The nylon 6 and polyester high tenacity yarn is mainly from 70D to 2000D with tenacity more than 7.0g/d or more than 8.0g/d, which mainly used for sewing thread , industrial fabrics, fishing twines, ropes and so on.

B. FDY monofilament yarns. The material types including nylon 6 (PA6), nylon 66 ( PA 66), polyester (PET) and polypropylene(PP) and polyethylene(HDPE)., The low denier yarn is from 6D/1F to 50D/1F produced by high speed spinning lines. The high denier yarns is more than 50D, diameter of them is from 0.07mm to 4.0mm produced by water cooling extruded lines. They are widely used in common textile ( sewing thread, fastener hook and loop, ribbons, spacer fabrics etc. ), technical fabrics (filtration fabric, screen printing fabric, paper making felt and nets, tyre cord fabric and so on), agriculture and fishing industry ( fishing lines, fishing nets, trimmer lines, construction lines ) and related special textile area.

C. Series products of nylon 6 POY and DTY yarn. The regular denier is from 15D to 100D. These yarns widely used in common textiles, like the warping, wefting and knitting socks industry, clothing, ribbons and so on. The dyeing quality is guaranteed. The varied dope dyed colors is available for both nylon DTY and POY yarn.

D. Series products of twisted yarns and twines. To serve well for customers, we equipped more than 30 sets twisting lines and more than 80 doubling lines to produce the twisted yarn and thread. We can put twist from 50 TPM to 1000 TPM for the above yarns from 15D to 6000D. As to the twines and thread, we supply 50D ~ 210D /2ply ~150ply, different  size packing cones is available widely used for fishnet twines and sewing thread.

E. Series chemical fiber fabrics, including the polyester suede fabric, velvet fabric, double-faced silk fabric, nylon taffet fabric, nylon oxford fabric, military design fabric, poplin fabric, satin fabric and so on which are widely usedas sofa and related furniture fabrics, clothing fabrics like windcheater and jacket.

Building up the best chemical fiber production base in China is our persistent pursuit. “High quality, competitive price and professional service" have always been the inspiration of our group.






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